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Collecting high-quality data is the first step, generating valuable insights from the collected data is the next one. Our Data Science team loves to juggle raw data. We offer a wide range of services: From automated dashboards, to advanced analytics, to statistical models and machine learning algorithms. We aim to provide answers to the most relevant questions of our clients, following the usual process steps: understanding the business as well as the data, preparing the data, modeling, evaluating and deploying. Customers appreciate this service because they can make data-driven decisions thanks to our analyses. The close collaboration - also with colleagues from other departments - makes our daily work very varied and never lets us stop learning.

As part of this team, you will help customers to lay the foundation for marketing decisions and thus contribute directly or indirectly to their success.

If this sounds interesting to you, but you don't know if you have all the skills - Go for it! What you don't know now, we will teach you in our Trakkacademy.


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