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What to expect at Trakken

  • Not just a good team...

    At Trakken, you're never just be one in a sea of many. We love and care for our community, togetherness and help new Trakken colleagues arrive quickly. We have people from 19 countries working for us and each one of them has made Trakken a bit more likeable.

  • Data and responsibility...

    We love data, but we also value ethical handling of it. In 2020, we established an Ethics Committee to act as an authority at Trakken to advise on the responsible use of data. This also means that you don't have to work for clients you don't wish to.

  • Ascent in sight...

    With enough motivation, diligence and good humor you can achieve a lot at Trakken. Of course, we have hierarchies where it makes sense and cannot be avoided. But at Trakken you can outgrow yourself in a short time, take on responsibility and help to shape your job yourself.

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